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BFF Birds!

We just stood and smiled at these mini-suncatchers today!  They are part of the 40 pieces we are delivering to The Fenwick Foundation next week, to be distributed to low income nursing home residents, thanks to our fabulous glass community.  Those of you who made donated pieces for MLK Day – thanks so much!  

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It might take a real fusing fan to think this is exciting, so forgive us if this seems ridiculous, but we have….new frit holders!  They’re bigger, the lids are more solid, and, well, they’re easier to keep organized the way Marilou likes…yay!

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Maryland, My Maryland….crab…..

Jeng’s son is leaving Maryland soon for grad school, so she and the whole family came in for a private class making suncatchers.  They all did amazing work, but we love love love the piece he will be hanging in a window in California to remember home….and his fiancée made the cutest cactus garden piece….best […]

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Birthdays Are Our Favorites!

While we love hosting all special events, birthdays are the best!  Yesterday, Laurie and her friends came by to celebrate hers, and make some great glass pieces….and eat cake and drink wine….and eat cake!  When the studio is filled with happy chatting and laughter, you know the artwork is going to be equally awesome!

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