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Pendants in Progress

When the jewelry class ends, we are just getting started at the studio….each piece is fired, cleaned, then sorted by who made what, paired with the students requested bail, then the bail is glued on. Next, they sit for (ideally) 48 hours before being wrapped and bagged. Whew! Totally worth it!

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Tiny Hands, Great Glass

When you’re six years old, cute as can be, and determined, you can make some awesome frit flowers. We had over a dozen folks making vases yesterday and each was gorgeous – we can’t wait to open the kilns today and see what came out – but we know this little gal’s piece will be […]

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Nightlight ER?

Yesterday we glued about three dozen nightlights – which rest face down while drying. It looks like a triage area! They will be ready for pick up tomorrow, face up and pretty!

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Friday Night Fuse, Stacked & Framed

This Friday, we are hosting July’s Friday Night Fuse, which is a tack fused piece that goes into a standard frame, and is super cute! It can be placed on a table or shelf, or hung on the wall. We have patterns available to you can create your own design. Sign up now on the […]

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Loving the Lanterns!

Last Saturday’s lantern class did not disappoint, and if the first two assembled are any indicator, these will all be fabulous! Our next Decorative Lantern class is Tuesday, August 7 at 7pm, with seats still available!

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Nightlight Day

Yesterday we hosted over a dozen kids, with moms, aunts, dads, and cousins – the result is some cool, fun, beautiful night lights in the kiln today! The next awesome kids summer glass fusing day is July 25, where we will make vases…or pencil holder, brush holder, etc – what will you use yours for?

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