Fused Glass Lamps

It's time to take your fused glass work to a new level with your choice of lamps!

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It’s time to take your fused glass work to a new level with this lamp class! The possibilities are limited by your imagination as you plan out your choice of lamp project, then select, cut and assemble the glass to complete your vision.  If you have completed our Fused Glass Basics or Coasters, Clocks and Candle Bridge classes, you are eligible to enroll in this more advanced course.

You’ll plan, cut, and finish either a 12 inch (across) round “classic shape” draped lamp, which we will fire and drill for the harp, or the 9×9 inch bent lamp,which sits on its base.

As always, all tools, glass, firings, and instruction are included in this class. You’ll pick up your lamp in a couple of weeks, complete with lamp base designed to hold the weight of this heavy glass piece.

When you’re ready to register, please pick the date/time and the type of lamp you would like to make. We have two types for you to choose from…

Bent Lamp – The fused glass semi-circle bent lamp shade is large, elegant, and will fit any decor! Formed from a 9×9 piece, and sitting on the color-customizable lamp base, it’s great as an accent or to light the way.

Round Lamp – The more classic round lamp is great for more traditional interiors, and forms an 11 inch circle when complete.

In this class, we will review the basics (but this is not an intro class or first project) and then cover the issues associated with these shapes and discuss design considerations. We will pay special attention to where the bulb sits, flow across the bend, and base color options. Then we will get into the glass and make colorful, beautiful lamps. Will yours be simple and chic, or a beautiful landscape or underwater scene? This is a great project to tell a story, or keep to just a few pieces of glass.


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