Pulled Glass


Ready to take your glass art to the next level? Try this advanced class in pulling your own custom glass stringers!

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If you’re ready to take your glass art to the next level, this class is a great place to start! We will be filling our propane fired crucible kiln with chopped glass, heating it up to over 1500 degrees, and pulling and forming our own stringer and glass bits in this one day advanced class. This much anticipated class is only offered twice a year, and has been a highlight for previous students as we create our own, completely one of a kind glass for use in custom pieces.

Limited to eight students, we will pair up for pulling and assisting. Each pair will have several pulling sessions where delicate sections of hand formed stringer glass will be pulled.

After a hard day of pulling glass, you will decide which Open Studio you’d like to choose to return and use your pieces to make your choice of a 6″x9″ drop oval bowl, a 9″x9″ swirl plate or panel, or a set of two smaller pieces. There is no additional fee for this Open Studio session or the chosen piece. Leftover pulled pieces belong to you to use at that or another Open Studio session or to take home and admire!

Students must wear closed toed shoes, cotton clothing, and agree to wear provided safety gear, which includes eye protection, heat resistant sleeves, and leather gloves. Students must be over 18 and have taken at least an introductory class with us in the past.


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